Agile Workflow

Watt&Well 15

Understanding your needs

Once your idea is defined, we have very valuable information to build the right team around the project.
We can never stress the importance of this first step for obtaining satisfying results. We work closely with our customers on defining their needs, processing them into clear specifications, and identifying the risks and challenges related to them.
At this phase, you are introduced to your referral project manager who will lead our team. Your satisfaction is our success thus we deliver a final product as faithful as it can be to the original idea. We inform right away on the compromises and decisions to be made.
We are committed professionals providing a clear and transparent understanding of your technical challenges.
Committed professionals. Clear understanding of your technical challenges.


Hardware design

We suggest the adapted topologies (cost optimization or higher efficiency), as well as the corresponding control strategy.

Then we proceed to size the power components (by calculation), simulate the HW (LT spice, PSIM), and the control loops (Matlab Simulink), as well as providing a preliminary footprint for the system (Solidworks). We provide an electrical and mechanical design to let you visualize the virtual outcome of your product. This step is usually concluded by a preliminary design review between both parties. Leaving no room for approximation. Set figures for a set solution.


Software design

Depending on your requirements, our services may involve firmware and software developments.

This includes automatic code generation from Simulink, the C code development of drivers and communication stacks, the C++ development of the graphic user interface, the HDL design of companion chips and mission-critical apps. Highly skilled engineers. Smart solution.



In-house prototyping allows fast, easier repetitive work on the prototype, improving them and debugging them.

These capabilities include Qualified personnel, CMS mounting, winding workshop, code generation, and simulation. Fast firmware. Fast magnetic design improvements. Fast hardware. Experience-based.


Validation, Integration & Technical Support

We test the prototypes and we validate the expected performances according to an acceptance test plan that has been accepted by the customer.

To ensure the reliability of our solution regarding specific environments, we qualify and validate temperature, vibration, shocks, EMI, radiation, lifetime, thermal cycling. We give also the necessary technical support to the team in charge of the system integration as well as documented training courses. Customer-oriented. Better results. Faster time.



Transparent tracking of the on-going process. ISO9001& EN9100 certified.

The Production and testing facilities can manage the manufacturing of 10 units up to 15 000 units a year.


Customer Services

We believe our role continues well after delivery and the customer is satisfied.

A dedicated aftersales services team is always available to follow up with any of your inquiries and requests... Reliable manufacturer. Converting power into confidence.