Ariane 6 Equipment: Fault Tolerant Motor Control

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Aerospace systems become more and more electrical. Former hydraulic and mechanics actuators are gradually replaced by electrical actuators. The power electronics, and the motor driving critical actuators shall be highly reliable, even if a single failure occurs. WATT&WELL developed a fault tolerant power stage, which is single failure proof.

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Power topologies to ensure fault tolerance

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Power topologies to ensure fault tolerance

Standard inverters are not fault tolerant to most frequent components failures (short-circuit or open-circuit of power switch). Specific structures are enabled to isolate the damaged power switch. The motor need to be specific also (for instance to be able to run without a damaged phase). Deep analysis on hardware and control algorithm are done to ensure keeping enough performance even after the first failure occurred, typically in terms of efficiency, torque ripple, speed ripple.


Advanced Fault Detection, Isolation and reconfiguration

Designing a fault tolerant hardware is not enough. The other challenge is to detect the failure and re-configure the power stage to maintain the functionality. Additional hardware is required to detect switches short-circuit. Additional algorithms are required to detect open-circuit failures and reconfigure the inverter to provide a nominal torque after the first failure occurred.

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inverter topologies

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Advanced fault detection

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Motor control algorithm reconfiguration

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