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Development of a full custom motor driver and its control loops for a brushless DC motor.

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Low voltage, high power motor driver

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Low voltage, high power motor driver

Airbus helicopter, our customer, needs to drive a high power brushless DC motor with the onboard helicopter battery, rated at 28 V DC. These low voltage and high power imply very high current. Connectors, Busbars, DC link capacitors and mosfet modules arrangement have been specifically designed to handle such high current.

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Custom control to limit the losses

The control has been developed to limit the switching and conduction losses which are critical with this amount of current. A modified Field Oriented Control, with a specific switching pattern has been used to reach an inverter efficiency up to 98%, and enable air cooling. The control, including field weakening techniques, the power stage and the motor have been modeled on PSIM platform.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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Full custom solution

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Phase Current

up to 2 300A

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Complete simulation

model on PSIM

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Lab test and validation

at full power

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