Magnetic Coupler Feasibility Study

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For its customer MBDA, WATT&WELL studies the way to transfer contactless data and electrical power through a metallic sleeve plus an air gap. Imagine a magnetic coupler able to undergo high vibration level and keep its efficiency during operation.

Draw of a Magnetic coupler

Determined the best model

Draw of a Magnetic coupler

Determined the best model

The first objective is to determine the model of the magnetic coupling, accurate enough to take in account the sleeve, the air gap, and to be representative of the behavior in terms of the electrical model. Efficiency and data transfer attenuation are computed for several sleeve materials and air-gap thickness.

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Several skills involved in this study

Mechanics, magnetics design, electronics, signal processing are required to succeed in such a study. WATT&WELL team suceeds to cover this wide range of competencies and to select the best components and topologies for a specific application.

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Topology and architecture

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Magnetics modeling

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