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The variety of applications of permanent magnetic synchronous machines, PMSM, is consistently increasing in the last years. Automotive, aviation and aerospace are examples of industries where electrical motors are assuming important roles. Depending on applications, a motor requires different controls. To respond specific needs, Watt & Well implement different control strategies: from simple six-step to field-oriented control, and from open loop speed control to torque, speed and position control loops, using sensors as resolvers, encoders or even sensorless control with position estimation.

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Simulation and rapid prototyping

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Simulation and rapid prototyping

Many aspects are considered during the design of a motor control such as mechanical constraints, dynamic response and accuracy. Once the design is complete, it is first validated with simulation. Using a MATLAB Simulink model containing motor, mechanical load and inverter, many aspects of the control are validated. Electrical and mechanical behavior of the system are observed as well as the performance of the digital controller. The next step is the automatic code generation which includes the simulation model to the real controller chip. This quick translation from simulation to prototype accelerates the developing procedure and enables the optimization of the motor controller design based on laboratory results.

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Precise and robust control

Specifications on control systems typically include stability of the closed-loop system. Then and in order to guarantee that the developed control is reliable and the controlled system is robust against unknown disturbances, control parameters are adjusted to meet the desired stability margins. It can be seen as safety space when walking next to a cliff. In a similar way for control systems, It is necessary to ensure sufficient stability margins in order to prevent any instabilities when activating the control loop. To that end, motor stability margins are computed analytically using a frequency-domain based model where the motor behavior can be described in a very accurate way with this model.

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