Ariane 6 Second Stage Motor Pumps Controller

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For its customer ArianeGroup, WATT&WELL is developing a motor driver and its embedded controller for a motor pump unit located in second stage of the future Ariane 6 launcher. This highly critical motor driver is not only fault tolerant to any single failure of the electronics, but also radiation tolerant.

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Intensive usage of model based design

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Intensive usage of model based design

The motor, power stage and controller has been modelized under Simulink to ensure performances, checks worst cases and show behaviors in failure cases. Custom motor model has been elaborated to simulate the specific cryogenic polyphase motor. Frequential model and temporal models have been tuned and compared to real world to get the model as close as possible to the reality.

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Design to cost approach in aerospace industry

Agile development, radiation tolerant approach had enable to reach “low” cost requirements, a new constraint for this industry.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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Very high speed motor

(50 k RPM)

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Advanced fault detection

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Motor control algorithm reconfiguration

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Intensive usage of Simulink modeling

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