Reversible DC/DC Converter

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Reversible DC/DC Converter

WATT&WELL designed a reversible DC/DC converter for power-by-wire application. The new on-board power network of airplanes is rated at +-270 VDC. The embedded equipment and batteries are rated for a 28 VDC bus. This converter enables to interface efficiently these two buses, in both power directions.

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A partnership with research laboratories and magnetics makers

Schema of the Reversible DCDC Converter

A partnership with research laboratories and magnetics makers

To achieve this cutting-edge converter, WATT&WELL works as partners with high tech magnetic maker and research laboratories. WATT&WELL demonstrates its ability to interface with its partners and to design the converter using the best technologies of each stakeholder.

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More efficiency and a reduced weight

An innovative power topology enables a drastic weight reduction (<1 kW/l w. reversibility), a good efficiency (20 % losses reduction) at high power 10 kW. Simulation and lab testing enable to characterize and validate this new topology, now under patent.

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