Softless Brushless Motor Drive

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For its customer Zodiac Aerospace, WATT&WEL design a full custom motor inverter and its control dedicated to airplane wipers. Old wipers actuators were fully mechanical (dc motor with crank rod mechanisms). In the more electric airplane, these actuators are brushless DC motor based with a control law for shaft angle.

Sinusoidal schema of a Softless Brushless Motor Drive

5 months for the first prototype

Women works on technical system

5 months for the first prototype

The rapid prototyping capabilities of WATT&WELL enables us to deliver the feasibility study, design the hardware board, mechanics and control behavior within 5 months, including the exchanges and follow up with the customer.


No software nor HDL design allowed

A key point of this design is the softless requirement. For easy certification, our customer required us to design this motor control with no software, no CPU, no HDL design. The design was prototyped using FPGA with schematic entry only. The second iteration of this design will be done with discrete logic gates.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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No Software

nor FPGA allowed

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Designed for

DO-160 and DO-254

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28V, 1kW

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Position Control

(transmission shaft angle)

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