Vehicle To Home & Grid Charger

BMPU-11 product is a 11 kW bidirectional power supply featuring a modular design capable of conventional and reversible power conversion (3 phases AC to DC and DC to 3 phases AC).

CANopen complex network

CANopen complex network using PDO (Process Data Object) feature allows customer to get a powerful, dynamic and automatic data exchange between devices of its system. Once their dictionary is well configured, devices can dynamically adapt their destinations and exchange a lot of data at high rate (1Mbits) with robustness of CAN bus.


Fuel Cell Range Extender

As the range of battery powered EV can decrease by onboard heater, high consumption driving styles or any sophisticated on-board electronics, we designed the power converter a fuel cell range extender solution.

Harsh environments qualification

WATT & WELL is strong with over 8 years of expertise and experience in harsh environments. Regarding high temperature and vibrating environment, several qualification campaigns are run continuously.


Vehicle to grid converter

Design of an on-board converter platform for vehicle to grid/vehicle to home application.

Enhance Monitoring Tools

The enhance Monitoring Tools simplifies the configuration, control and diagnostic of the system.



Matlab Simulink Embedded Code Generation

Design of an on-board converter platform for vehicle to grid/vehicle to home application.

On-target prototyping control board

On-target prototyping board for power electronics control designs. This module enables to embed the real-time control for power converters. The peripherals provided are adapted for such applications.