Vehicle To Home & Grid Charger

BMPU-11 product is a 11 kW bidirectional power supply featuring a modular design capable of conventional and reversible power conversion (3 phases AC to DC and DC to 3 phases AC).

CANopen complex network

CANopen complex network using PDO (Process Data Object) feature allows customer to get a powerful, dynamic and automatic data exchange between devices of its system. Once their dictionary is well configured, devices can dynamically adapt their destinations and exchange a lot of data at high rate (1Mbits) with robustness of CAN bus.

CANopen complex network_resized

Fuel Cell Range Extender

As the range of battery powered EV can decrease by onboard heater, high consumption driving styles or any sophisticated on-board electronics, we designed the power converter a fuel cell range extender solution.



Matlab Simulink Embedded Code Generation

Design of an on-board converter platform for vehicle to grid/vehicle to home application.

Enhance Monitoring Tools

The enhance Monitoring Tools simplifies the configuration, control and diagnostic of the system.