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CANopen complex network using PDO (Process Data Object) feature allows customer to get a powerful, dynamic and automatic data exchange between devices of its system. Once their dictionary is well configured, devices can dynamically adapt their destinations and exchange a lot of data at high rate (1Mbits) with robustness of CAN bus.

Schema of the CAN Open Agile

Easily adaptable solution

Schema of a CAN open

Easily adaptable solution

Complete and adaptive solution using device dictionary configuration. Robust, dynamic and automatic data exchange between devices

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Multi-devices complex network with automatic data exchange

The Quick charger system in which WATT&WELL developed with CANopen network was designed with many interactions between the 3 main devices categories: Control module, EV communication modules and Power Units (up to 6). These modular numbers of slave required a robust and adaptable internal communication solution.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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Rapid results

in software conception and validation (in less than 4 months)

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Perfect understanding

of the network’s aspects allows WATT&WELL to design, implement and validate charger communication network

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Powerful, easily adaptable

this solution fits perfectly the need of modular charger

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Using a robust protocol

for noisy environment of power conversion

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