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Design of an on-board converter platform for vehicle to grid/vehicle to home application.

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Our Agile Electronics Solutions Provided

Picture of a Vehicle to grid converter

Our Agile Electronics Solutions Provided

In collaboration with our customer Renault, we designed a converter with a bidirectional isolated battery charger for Electrical Vehicle. A powerful feature of this converter is that the control can be updated and downloaded thanks to Simulink and Embedded Coder, with a high level of automation.

Picture of a Vehicle to grid converter

Demanding Condition Involved

The converter is directly grid tied on one side, and connected to the electrical vehicle on the other side. It enables use of grid power to charge the vehicle battery, transversely using battery power to inject power back into the grid.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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Designed within 12 weeks

Prototyped 4 weeks later

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Custom magnetic components

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Reversible PFC

Resonant reversible DC/DC

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Upgradable design

possibility to integrate the control loops and other digital aspects through Simulink

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