Magnetics Prototyping and Test Qualification

Mastering the art of making magnetic components is tricky. The methodology is key.

This case study displays the methodology used by Watt & Well to come up with the optimal design. It includes trade-offs identifications as well as the functional tests.

Magnetics Losses Management

Magnetics are the most critical components of power electronics design.

A good sizing of magnetics in any power electronics systems is one of the most important things to decrease losses and increase efficiency.


Gate Driver Design

ADI asked Watt & Well to develop a reference design for a Power SiC Module and driver.

EMC LAB in the R&D department

Watt & Well engineering center got its new in-house electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) lab to test every delivered product. This process ensures the compliance of each product with the EMC certification. This lab dedicated to EMC includes various equipment: LISN 63 A, LISN 16A, spectrum analyzer, various filters and attenuators, common mode current probe among other acquisition. This provides our customers with the best possible follow-up of the on-going project at a short notice.

Mind the Gap - SiC GaN Driver Boards

Mind the GAP - SiC/GaN Driver Boards

Analog Devices teamed up with WATT&WELL to work on a range of high end, SiC MOSFET-based power converters. The collaboration has started with the design of high voltage, high current evaluation boards for ADI isolated gate drivers. Power specifications (1200 V, 100 A), High switching frequencies (> 250 kHz) with a reliable and robust design. The objective of these gate drivers is a showcase to completely evaluate the ADI set of ICs driving SiC and GaN MOSFETs.

Photovoltaic Inverter

Development of a high-performance grid tied battery charger. ADI was thinking into developing a new reference design for the energy industry, they decided to do it alongside of WATT&WELL.

solar panel

Electric Bike Motor Control

We developed a system control strategy for an electric bike running with a 250 W brushless motor. From brake, pedal sensor, temperature sensors through hall sensor interface, power driver and core control algorithms, we reached the maximum efficiency of energy conversion. Power density increased by 50%.

Harsh environments qualification

WATT & WELL is strong with over 10 years of expertise and experience in harsh environments. Regarding high temperature and vibrating environment, several qualification campaigns are run continuously.


Enhance Monitoring Tools

The enhance embedded monitoring tools simplifies the configuration, control and diagnostic of the system.

Matlab Simulink Embedded Code Generation

Matlab/Simulink Embedded Code Generation consists of generating a C Code file or a C Code project from Matlab/Simulink model based.