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Watt & Well engineering center got its new in-house electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) lab to make prequalifications and save development time thanks to quick design iterations. This process ensures the compliance with the EMC standards. This lab dedicated to EMC includes various equipment: LISN 63 A, LISN 16A, spectrum analyzer, various filters and attenuators, common mode current probe among other acquisition. This provides our customers with the best possible follow-up of the on-going project at a short notice.

EMC lab

High-level testing


High-level testing

The product needs to be tested at different functioning points to pass the CE compliance. This process can be divided into two main parts. The first one is about EMC compliance composed of conducted, radiated and immunity tests. The immunity part can be composed of various tests as electrostatic discharge (61000-4-2), electromagnetic field (61000-4-3), fast transients (61000-4-4), and voltage surge (61000-4-5), magnetic field (61000-4-8). The second part is specific to applicable standards. Due to the need for specific equipment, Watt & Well cannot cover all the tests, some of them are made by an independent EMC laboratory. The following picture is showing a Watt & Well product under tests in our partner’s anechoic chamber at Emitech.

Graphic of a spectrum analyzer on the AC access of a product

EMC validation process

Watt & Well is committed to best fit quality standards. All products are thus CE (Conformité Européenne) compliant. The CE marking is not only a label on the device but the outcome of a rigorous process of validations. A Qualification Test Plan (QTP) is written and submitted by the engineering team. This document describes all the tests necessary to validate the compliance applicable for certifications, depending on the product and its use. Once validated, the described tests are executed following the procedure. During these tests, all results are recorded in a document, the Qualification Test Report (QTR). for tracking needs. We also can provide with a complete series of tests to guarantee specific NF or IEC marking. The following picture shows the conducted noise seen by a Spectrum Analyzer on the AC access of a product. Some of the high-frequency noise is above the limit. By re-working on a specific part of the product, we were able to improve the results. As displayed in the picture thanks to the colors: Grey (initial state) and yellow (after modification), the excessive noises got corrected early in the design (during internal validation process) and improved cost saving later on in the project lifetime.

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