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We developed a system control strategy for an electric bike running with a 250 W brushless motor. From brake, pedal sensor, temperature sensors through hall sensor interface, power driver and core control algorithms, we reached the maximum efficiency of energy conversion. Power density increased by 50%.

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Improving your system overall efficiency

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Improving your system overall efficiency

The Electric Motor Control (EMC) includes the programing of the software for the assisted mode and the autonomous mode. Close to the project team, the software is integrated, validated and optimized for a full improvement of the overall system’s efficiency.

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Modular final system

The electric bike is a 250 W brushless motor with a Field Oriented Control (FOC). During the development and implementation, we upgraded not only the system efficiency but also added a number of sophisticated control modes to help customize the final system.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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Communication and parameters

modifiable via a CAN bus

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Regenerative braking added

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Torque established

by speed, couple or power

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Easily upgradable and modifiable system

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