Magnetics Prototyping and Test Qualification

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Prototyping & Test
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Once a good magnetics sizing is done, Watt & Well can prototype & test it in desired test conditions.

For example, our product as the unidirectional or bidirectional modular power unit requires DC-DC transformers and inductors. The sizing, prototyping & test were conducted to deliver the optimal design.


Mastering the Art of Making Magnetic Components


Figuring out the Best Design Trade-offs

Firstly, Watt & Well meticulously choose the most adequate magnetic composition: material, ferrite type, wire type, inductance values, winding type…

Secondly, thanks to our partners/providers’ supports, we can adjust the specifications and order the magnetic elements at short notice.

Once magnetic elements are received, Watt & Well proceed to its mounting. Indeed, we prefer to do it ourselves at first and potentially see the undesirable effects (during mounting, first inductance value test…). By using this method, we can save time and avoid multiple products back and forth for specifications modifications.

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Functional Testing of the Magnetic Prototype

Then, our prototype is tested by using qualified equipment. The test is composed of multiple parts including: electrical, thermal & mechanical. Also, we proceed to several methods to test them.

For example, in other Watt & Well projects such as the Wireless Dynamic Charger and DC-DC subset from our EV chargers, many tests were conducted. Using both projects, we can control many parameters such as frequency, AC current, AC voltage, air cooling… The prototype is then tested in many conditions.

On the other hand, when the product has been modified as desired and tested, it gets subcontracted by a qualified company/partner in the magnetics industrialization domain for mass production.

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