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ADI teamed up with WATT & WELL to work on a range of high end, SiC MOSFET-based power converters. The collaboration has started with the design of high voltage, high current evaluation boards for ADI isolated gate drivers. Power specifications (1200 V, 100 A), High switching frequencies (> 250 kHz) with a reliable and robust design. The objective of these gate drivers is a showcase to completely evaluate the ADI set of ICs driving SiC and GaN MOSFETs.


Wide-bandgap semiconductors expertise


Wide-bandgap semiconductors expertise

The challenge of providing a high performance driving circuit is not only having the best isolated gate driver in the market, but also to use it in a design that enables its full performance. In order to achieve that, our engineers worked on the specific elements related to WBG components (e.g. negative bias or accuracy of driving voltage), the passive components sizing (magnetics, capacitors), and complying with the best practices of WBG layout and routing.


Providing ready-to-go system design

This high end design combines Analog Devices know-how at silicon and at the system level, and WATT & WELL know-how for robust and reliable applications where high switching frequencies and power densities are coping with high temperature environments. The benefits of the collaboration permit Analog Devices to provide a fully workable solution to enable customers to implement new leading-edge designs in a short time-frame, which increases their competitiveness and reliability.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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Multiple leading-edge designs in short time frame

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High precision of driving voltage

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High switching frequencies

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Wide-bandgap semiconductors

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