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Development of a high-performance grid tied battery charger. ADI was thinking into developing a new reference design for the energy industry, they decided to do it alongside of WATT&WELL. The design is based on a bidirectional grid inverter coupled with a bidirectional battery charger.

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Modular approach of the system

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Modular approach of the system

As many power electronic configurations and topologies can be used and a great number of variables to be dealt with, WATT&WELL studied the problem to determine the best approach towards this development.

Schema of the PVIN

Complex platform

Complex topology and control strategy with the following features: High power (5 kW), high efficiency full reversibility, wide voltage output range, isolated charger.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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High performance resonant topology

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Power management system

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3 months study

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Grid to PV

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