Image of a Nar DAQ


The NarC-IDAQ provides logging features. It is a data acquisition board with a large amount of non-volatile memory and 8 analog inputs: for 10 MHz fast channels and for 1kHz slow channels. Advanced configuration options are available, including triggering, pre-scalers. The logger communicates through a CANopen bus and all the data and configuration are available over CAN.

O&G tool modelling

Our customer required us to model using Simulink a complex electro-mechanical system involving electrical machines, power converters and drivers during the feasibility study. Once the feasibility wasvalidated, prototypes have been designed and manufactured.

Image of the O&G tool

On-target prototyping control board

On-target prototyping board for power electronics control designs. This module enables to embed the real-time control for power converters. The peripherals provided are adapted for such applications.

Enhance Monitoring Tools

The enhance Monitoring Tools allows the configuration, control and diagnostic of the system.


Matlab Simulink Embedded Code Generation

Matlab/Simulink Embedded Code Generation consists of generating a C Code file or a C Code project from Matlab/Simulink model based.

Harsh environments qualification

WATT & WELL is strong with over 10 years of  expertise and experience in harsh environment. Regarding high temperature and vibrating environment, several qualification campaigns are run continuously.


Customized Sensorless Motor Drive

Sensorless motor drive is PMSM or BLDC controller designed for oil and gas industry based on a single microcontroller architecture. It withstands various harsh environments while providing high reliability for applications with no accurate position sensing need.