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Sensorless motor drive is PMSM or BLDC controller designed for the oil and gas industry based on a single microcontroller architecture. It withstands various harsh environments while providing high reliability for applications with no accurate position sensing need.

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Drive design workflow

Matlab Simulink Embedded Code Generation

Drive design workflow

The drive design follows a specific model-based design workflow:

1. Design: design of the drive with respect to specifications.

2. Simulation: simulation models are built for the designed drive and its control.

3. Code Generation: an embedded code is automatically generated from simulation model. 4. Test and validation on target

5. Compliance verification : if the design features do not meet the specifications, issues are addressed by checking and updating the simulation model and/or the design. The workflow steps will be repeated until the design becomes compliant with the specifications.

6. Delivery

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The components lever to efficiency

The control strategy is based on a sensorless six-step control. The driver can handle high temperature conditions (up to 175 °C) and it is designed for a permanent application. The components involved in the design are restrained to customers approved components. The microcontroller requires only 3.3 V power supply with a very low power consumption (within 250 mW) and it has various communication modes: I2C, SPI, USB and USART/UART. The control part is compact and can fit in 35 mm x 100 mm area.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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Low power consumption

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500 rpm - 4 000 rpm

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Matlab Simulink model based design

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Up to 347 °F (175 °C)

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