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Action delivered

Modeling, Simulation, Prototyping
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Oil & Gas

Our customer required us to model using Simulink a complex electro-mechanical system involving electrical machines, power converters and drivers during the feasibility study. Once the feasibility wasvalidated, prototypes have been designed and manufactured.

O&G tool modeling

Our Agile Electronics Solutions Provided

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Our Agile Electronics Solutions Provided

Simulation of a complete system based on the customer inputs and prototyping of the solution regarding customer expectations and specifications.

Conditions of the Oil&Gas tool

Demanding Condition Involved

Complex system in terms of control (power generation module coupled to a motor drive system with the four-quadrants involved). Stability of tool DC bus to be ensured during electrical of mechanical perturbations. Demanding project in terms of environment also the prototypes are required to endure downhole harsh environment.

What Makes Our Response Unique

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From model to prototyping

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Concept validation

within 3 months

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Complex control algorithm

with fast reconfiguration (<25us)

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Harsh environments

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Harsh Environment

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