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Providing comprehensive technical documentation and application notes.

Technical documents

At Watt & Well, we take pride in providing extensive technical documents tailored to meet the needs of our users. Our commitment to clarity and thoroughness ensures that you have access to comprehensive technical documentation that give a complete overview of the specifications and features of our products. Clear, concise, and comprehensive, all our datasheets and factsheets provide a thorough understanding of our products. Regularly updated, they incorporate images, graphs such as Safe Operating Area (SOA) for our power modules and cover all relevant aspects of our products and services.  

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, our user-friendly user manuals will guide you through every aspect, empowering you to make the most of our products and services with confidence. 

We understand the importance of smooth onboarding and efficient problem-solving, and that’s why we also make at your disposal a comprehensive and detailed Technical Reference Manual. This manual explains the process of integration with our EVI and the data exchanges among the different devices.  

Additionally, offering an EVI Graphical User Interface (GUI), a web application with a server running on the EVI, optimize the user experience. Crafted with precision and with a user-centered design, it sets a new standard for user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a smooth and productive experience for our valued customers. It will help you control and monitor the charge point and will enable access to information on the connected devices of the CAN bus.

Application note

We provide an EVI-Getting Started Manual designed to facilitate a speedy start with our Supply Equipment Communication Controller (SECC). This application note is a step-by-step guideline on how to power on the EVI, connect to the Software update interface to perform updates, connect to the EVI Command Line Interface (CLI), Connect to the EVI Graphical User Interface (GUI) and do basic configuration. 

Additionally, we offer an application note explaining how to connect our power modules in series to increase the output voltage. This documents contains recommendations and best practices on multi-unit operation by listing, for instance, the required tools or explaining the possible control strategies.