The best-in-class power electronics technology

Working close to firms that face challenging environments makes us aware of the technical stakes and mostly how to get over them.


We make your challenges our own, by inventing the energy
applications of the future.

Harsh environments

We develop and optimize power modules used at extreme temperatures from -40 °C up to 220 °C. This know-how covers HiTemp power electronics substances technology, welding and packaging techniques.

Discover at a glance our latest advances with a whole dedicated line of products brand named: Nar, which means fire in Arabic. Extreme environments. Highly reliable products.

Beside the high reliable products and fast prototyping capacities, the Nar products range offers simple system architecture, smaller and lighter power modules combined with accelerated testing techniques.
Our extensive library of electronics and magnetic components aimed to perform within harsh environments allows us to design and prototype in a short notice, so your time-to-market will be reduced as well.


Motor Control

Power electronics, embedded software, firmware, control algorithm are achieved everyday by our experienced engineers. We reduce the complexity found in the design of motor control, thanks to key skills.

Efficient control units by mastering: communication (CAN, RS232), motor control algorithms (Field Oriented Control, Voltage Control, Flux Control), graphic user interface, electrical HW design and prototyping (control unit, driver, phase leg), analog and digital control (via microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA) but also the best-in-class motor technology choices (PMSM, Asynchronous, BLDC, DC).

We develop both hardware and software solutions.


Power Supply

Do you need to run some power supplies in harsh environments (HiTemp, shocks, pressure, vibration, EMC)? Are you in need of generating very high voltages for an application?

Does your system need to switch and deliver a considerable electrical current? Does it need to switch at a high frequency?
Whatever your needs are, our products offer a wide scope of custom options so that it best fits your specification. Besides providing you with tailor-made solutions able to operate within severe environments, we would like to take your expectation further.

We design, prototype and manufacture high-efficiency power systems from a few watts up to hundreds of kilowatts. Digital control and communication can be integrated into the designs. We develop PFC, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, EMC filters, and high current or high voltage transformers.

Our experience in power electronics, magnetic components and efficient thermal management able us to provide best-in-class power supplies. Innovative. Compact. Cost effective solution.


System Integration

We consider power electronics subsystem as part of the whole system. Our job is not done until our converters or motor controls are efficient once integrated. We plan for the integration phase to be as smooth as possible.

We investigate the effects on the system of each of our subsystem performances. We define high level settings that provide a certain range for the system definition, such as programmable switching frequency, programmable output voltage, on-board monitoring data in real time on a digital bus, and many more. We provide technical support during the integration phase.
To achieve these functionalities, most of our products are based on a digital core to complete performance monitoring, system parameters, real-time modification and converter or motor algorithm tuning.

At the earliest phase of the project, we make a complete simulation model of the provided product. This ensures a better understanding of effective products limitation. It also provides the project team with coherent specifications of their power sub-system prior to new products’ development.


Nar Motion