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Oil & Gas

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Customization options

Communication interfaces
(CAN, Modbus, RS485)

Nar MoDem

NarC-MDEM provides telemetry between Downhole Tools and Surface Equipment on any Oilfield Services cables. It is optimized for applications on Mono-cable. Its high voltage rating (1000 V) and high current rating (1.8 A) make it suitable for the most demanding applications, while its integrated filtering accommodates most of Downhole Tool Impedance.

Nar Modem rev_2


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200 x 38 x 25 mm (Oil&Gas form factor)

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-40 °C to 175 °C (maximum operating)

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Wireline length

up 10 km of 1N32 cable

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Wireline voltage

up to 1000 V

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Wireline current

up to 1.8 A

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DSP & Analog electronic

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Power Line communication

S-FSK with 8kbit/s baud rate

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5 V and 3.3 V logic I/O

with ID filtering


Dedicated to operate within a downhole tool system withstanding harsh environments including high temperature and high vibration.

Nar-Modem allows Surface tools to communicate with devices on downhole CANopen bus as if they were on the same network. Its fits perfectly Oil & Gas applications.

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