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Nar Motion-M (Medium Power)

Optimize your system by selecting our bestseller, Nar Motion-M, that includes FOC and HV capabilities.

Nar Motion is our innovative high-temperature motor controller series, providing optimal operation and high-reliability in harsh environment. Typical applications are Downhole Tools for Oil & Gas and Geothermal markets. Nar Motion-M is the cost-effective version for Medium Power applications (part of the oil and gas power electronics Nar Motion series)




High Vibration

Up to 20 G RMS

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High Temperature

Up to 175 °C (347 °F)

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Typical Power

200 W to 1.5 kW

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Bus Voltage

200 V to 600 V

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Advanced System

Protection and Monitoring

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Field Oriented Control

For optimum system efficiency with PMSM


Dedicated to operate within a downhole tool withstanding harsh environments including high temperature and high vibration.

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