11 KW Bidirectional Modular Power Unit

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Smart grid, ESS, industrial application, lab equipment

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Customization options

Output Current, Voltage, Power, Multi source management

11 KW Bidirectional Modular Power Unit

The modular DC source is a standalone 11 kW bidirectional grid tied converter. Designed for smart grid (V2G, V2H) application. It features a modular design capable of parallel operation, and can be used as part of a very high power system such as 150 kW and 300 kW EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) systems or ESS (Energy Storage System).

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20 x 130 x 12 mm

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175 °C (maximum operating)

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DC Input

20 V to 48 V

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High power drive

50 W at 150 °C

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Hall sensors power supply


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Capability to drive DC brushless

with hall effect sensor

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Analog speed control

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5 V and 3.3 V logic I/O


Dedicated to operate within a downhole tool system (valve for example) as it can undergo harsh environments including high temperature and high vibration. Can also be implemented for geothermic, automotive and avionic applications as well.

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