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Industrial Applications, Smart Grid, Laboratory Equipment, ESS

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Customization options

Multi source management, Current/Voltage/Power levels

25 kW Modular Power Unit

The modular DC source is a standalone 25 kW DC source. It features a modular design capable of parallel operation and can be used as a part of a very high power system such as 150 and 300 kW EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment systems). The next generation development includes reversible charger and high voltage (800-1000 VDC output).

Modular Power Unit for EVSE


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Highly compact form factor 19” rack, 3U

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Forced air cooling with integrated fans

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Output voltage

Up to 500 V and 25 kW

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Galvanic Isolation

Input/Output reinforced galavanic isolation

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High efficiency

Up to 95 %

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400 V 3-phases AC input, 50 Hz

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Integrated output fuse and reverse diode

FD versions

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Compatible digital bus with advanced control, limitations, monitoring & logging capabilities


Dedicated to EVSEs, Industrial Applications, Smart Grids, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Laboratory Equipment for example.

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