The Watt&Well Way

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USA subsidiary CEO

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Business development

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Benjamin BIDAUT

Industrialization manager

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Chief Executive Officer

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Quality manager

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Business Development

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Jean-Christophe CALAMOTE

Control programs manager

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Chief Technical Officer

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Pascal IDOUX

Production manager

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eMobility Business Unit Director

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Aerospace Business Unit Director

Leadership at WATT&WELL is not only about getting results. It’s about achieving them in the right way.
To ensure the promotion of our corporate values, we support ethical behavior based on what we like to call the « WATT&WELL Way »


Our team is a multi-cultural team (composed of 10 nations so far) we benefit from a rich diversity of experiences, languages and cultures, in order to broaden our thinking and introduce real innovation to our customers. We build the right team around projects and work closely with our customer because at WATT&WELL we think that it is of key importance. Our team is well adapted for supporting our worldwide customers.

Discover the people behind the ideas.

"Working at Watt & Well is a great experience, I take part in challenging projects within a team of very qualified, hard-working, young and mixed people. A dynamic feel in which I can see the purpose and the end-effect of my day-to-day work. Entering a human-sized company is a choice I made 4 years ago and today I see all the benefits of this choice. I am confident about the new challenges coming ahead and thankful that Watt & Well put its trust in me."

Jéremie Zeltner -Electrical Engineer

"I find it remarkably rewarding working with a team of people who genuinely love what they do. At Watt & Well I go on an adventure from day-to-day with committed professionals who care for the results as well as the team spirit. An exciting environment that makes my job a journey ahead, filled with a nice amount of learning and accomplishments."

Mina Sider -Corporate Communications

"Watt & Well is a dynamic, fast-evolving company that keeps its talents motivated. The challenges are an everyday occurrence but, here we deal with them as a team. The colleagues are always enthusiastic to share their knowledge and that's very enriching. I still feel like I'm learning new things every day. I also find it very gratifying to have my hard work acknowledged and rewarded, it makes me even more passionate and motivated for my job. Plus our engineering lab equipment is high-end: top of the art oscilloscope, multimeters, supplies, and so on. Working in such a quality environment makes the work a pleasure."

Annaïs Mauréna Evariste -Electrical Engineer

"Working at Watt & Well is enabling my passion for electronics to benefit challenging projects. That feels very gratifying as I can lead wide required skills projects: power electronics, analog electronic, embedded control and project management. I have the chance to develop solutions with multicultural and open-minded experts. It offers an exciting environment aside from the fact that the lab and equipment are of high quality."

Maël Guilbaud -CTO

"Joining the innovative company Watt & Well is for me a great opportunity to discover a multicultural work environment where the sense of community and ideas sharing are essential values. Along with the human aspect, collaborating with highly qualified colleagues gives me the ability to enhance my technical skills. Furthermore, working at Watt & Well makes me an efficient member in an ambitious project that keeps moving toward a sustainable future."

Rédha Meghnous -PhD, Control Systems Engineer

"I chose to join Watt & Well two years ago. Since then my motivation remains just as strong, if not more! The teams are always ready to tackle great R&D technical challenges. It brings the ideas further. Achieving innovation in such demanding industries is a boost for me. I like sharing this motivation with my fellows, and it shows in my work."

Avid Naeimi -Electrical Engineer