Motor Control Prototyping

DIS 400

Development Inverter Stack 100 kW

DIS power module is a modular inverter capable of driving three-phase motor from DC power supply. Designed for fast and easy implementation using dSPACE© connectivity. Hardware protections embedded in inverter ensure safety to test control algorithms for embedded applications. Equipped with Staubli connections for water cooling, it can be used as a very high-power system such up to 100 kW. Typical applications include Electric Vehicle Motor controllers, Educational and Industrial Supplies.

Development Inverter Stack 2 x 10 kW

DIS is a dual power inverter designed to be directly compatible dSPACE© MicroLabBox or SpeedGoat rapid development targets. It features a dual motor driver with fast measurements and embedded protections.

Picture of a DIS

Customizable Motor Controller

This motor controller is an industrial inverter with a wide range of customization options.