Development Inverter Stack 2 X 10 KW

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Development Inverter Stack 2 x 10 kW

DIS is a dual power inverter designed to be directly compatible dSPACE© MicroLabBox or SpeedGoat rapid development targets. It features a dual motor driver with fast measurements and embedded protections. It enables to run high power motors controlled by Simulink model using a compatible real-time target.

Development Stack Inverter product for motor


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Compact design

in a single 19'' rack (3U)

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High power

up to 10kW per drive

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Input voltage

up to 750 V

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High power drive

up to 20kHz

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Dual 3 legs inverter

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Interface to most common

sensors included

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Embedded hardware protections

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with integrated fans


The market proposes several real-time targets to run Simulink models, obtaining measurement and controlling IOs. However, power is typically limited to a few watt, and the voltage to a few volts. DIS enables engineers to run their Simulink model using a real power stage, at full power. The DIS can run high power motor and qualify their algorithm.

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