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Propose Off-the-shelf (COTS)

components for short lead time and lower cost

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Minimizing risks and delivery time

while maximizing output

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Providing the tools' electrical architecture

using best-in-class technologies

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Offering technological building blocks

to create yout customized product

Your project is in good hands

A whole dedicated Nar products range with wide custom options: power supplies, motor controllers, data acquisition and transmission, controller boards. Operating at extreme temperature (up to 225 °C). Repeated shocks (up to 500 g 2ms). Constant vibration (20 Grms typical up to 500 Hz). Mechanical constraints and cooling to fit within customer tool (down to ID 25 mm).

The project teams are made of expert engineers specialized in the oil & gas market and its technical requirements.

Watt&Well 12-1

Nar Motion: a products range designed for harsh environments

Stable, Solid and Strong. Our experience in severe environments is second to none.

Our products are running in systems operating within harsh environments because we are committed to delivering the best-in-class reliable power electronics equipment.

To each use, a cost-effective and efficient product:

  • Nar Motion-XS
  • Nar Motion-S 60V
  • Nar Motion-S 250V
  • Nar Motion-M
  • Nar Motion-L

Typical applications are downhole tools (drilling, wireline, completion) for oil & gas and geothermal markets.

Nar Range Products

Cutting-Edge Expertise

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Technologies (Si, SiC, GaN, SOI)

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Proven design building blocks

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Custom magnetics and filters

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Modular system architecture designs

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State of the art control firmware and GUI

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Enhanced communication (CANopen)

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