The Story of Watt&Well

WATT&WELL’s mission is to be the premier power electronics design and manufacturing source for all those seeking innovation in O&G, automotive, aerospace & industrial applications.

To support designers and engineers of technological systems faced to the most demanding constraints, WATT&WELL designs, qualifies and manufactures turnkey products and systems, by introducing new techniques and know-how, where reliability and performance meets or exceeds these industries critical applications.


Converting power into confidence

Power electronics is our core expertise, and offering our customers the most innovated solutions available, removes the worry about power generation and management, allowing our customers team to focus on their job and true added value.

Our expertise and know-how, coupled with our working methods, ensures the power in your system will meet your most demanding requirements. In other words; we do convert power into confidence.


Challenges we face every day

WATT&WELL employees are innovators, with a strong expertise and a real passion for technology. Our objective is to provide high reliable power converters, for your complex and demanding system. We provide the best of our know-how to each market served.

We take our power electronics further beyond Space by designing and manufacturing a safety critical motor control for Ariane 6 European Launcher.

For the emerging Quick Charger market for EV, we develop high technology solution to reduce the cost per watt of the equipment.


Better, quicker results

Delivering our products and services at time is core to our values because your constraints are ours. Our team is dedicated to the success of the project, that implies we allocate exclusive resources in Agile mode so that you can keep track of the process. Transparent. Fast. Customer oriented.

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