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Case studies.


SHIFT to Direct Current (SHIFT2DC)

Watt & Well is a member of the SHIFT to Direct Current (SHIFT2DC) consortium, which brings together 32 partners from twelve countries to develop solutions for low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) and direct current (DC) power systems. The objective of the consortium is to test and implement solutions to promote a shift to DC power distribution. Watt & Well is involved in the development of DC/DC converters for EV charging or battery storage.

Current/OS Foundation

In addition, Watt & Well has joined the Current/OS Foundation to promote the adoption and further development of open standards for Direct Current (DC) distribution. The Current/OS Foundation brings together an ecosystem of manufacturers of compatible products to ensure the safety and effectiveness of multi-source DC applications, to converge specifications, identify gaps in the standards, and work collectively to resolve them.


Watt & Well, in collaboration with 7 partners, is developing an innovative off-board bi-directional charger with passive cooling and a lifetime extension using GaN technology. This project is part of ARCHIMEDES, an EU research initiative aiming to accelerate the energy transition and trust in new technologies. The project focuses on improving efficiency and longevity of electric propulsion systems, power generation, and energy storage in various sectors. Watt & Well leads the 8-partner team, aiming to enhance bi-directional chargers with GaN technology for increased durability and reliability.

Our production facilities.


Since 2016, Watt & Well has been investing to extend and equip its production facilities. With a current production capacity of around 3,000 units per year, we plan to increase this figure tenfold by 2026.

Our teams benefit from a particularly bright and pleasant working environment at our production site located in Pertuis, France. We prioritize personnel safety and the quality of our testing facilities.

Guided by a data-driven approach, our testing and validation protocol relies on rigorous data collection from our equipment, to deliver continuous improvement. This approach enhances our ability to continually fine tune our production methods, ensuring the excellence and reliability of our products.

Watt & Well is currently forging partnerships with various industrial players to increase production in Europe, as well as to establish production capacity in the United States.

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Industry solutions.


 We’re with you every step of the way:

Your journey towards innovation doesn’t begin or end with our products. At Watt & Well, we understand that successful implementation requires support at every stage. That’s why we offer comprehensive services to accompany you from A to Z:

  • Need assessment: Collaborate with our experts to analyze your requirements and identify the perfect solution.
  • Customization: Tailor our technology including software, packaging, hardware, etc to your unique needs, ensuring perfect integration into your existing systems.
  • Implementation: Leverage our experienced engineers for seamless installation and configuration. They’ll provide on-site, hands-on training and support to get you up and running quickly.
  • Training & support: Empower your team with comprehensive training and ongoing on-site and off-site support
  • Future-proofing: we can provide extended warranties and maintenance contracts. Contact our sales team.

We’re involved in key European research projects for a circular economy. In addition, we have received funding from the France Relance 2030 Investment Plan to support our LILAC aerospace project to develop electric launcher actuator controls for mini launchers.