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Our Governance

Founded in 2008, Watt & Well is a French SME with global reach. Headquartered in Pertuis, we operate international offices in Massy (France), Houston (USA), and Stavanger (Norway). The company closed its first funding round (a €10m A-Series announced in October 2022) to fuel our growth in the booming EV charging station market and pursue our international expansion across our core markets: Energy, Aerospace, and e-Mobility.


Powering-up for Sustainability

Partnering with energy transition experts TiLT Capital – the energy transition specialist of the Siparex Group, BNP Paribas Développement, and Bpifrance, Watt & Well fuels its commitment to green innovation. This strategic investment empowers us to:

Navigating change with confidence

Guiding our journey with purpose and transparency, we’ve established a robust governance structure encompassing a dedicated Supervisory Board. This diverse group of managers, investors and independent experts brings a wealth of experience in technology, finance, and sustainability, ensuring:

  • Strategic oversight: They guide our long-term vision, aligning it with industry trends and stakeholder expectations.
  • Sound decision-making: Their independent perspective fuels responsible growth and ethical business practices.
  • Risk management: They proactively identify and mitigate potential challenges, safeguarding our company and its stakeholders.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Our aim is to support strong growth with sustainable development. In 2022 we established four sustainable development commitments.

  • Climate
    • Reduction of 7% per year in our carbon footprint relative to our turnover (tCO2eq/M€), to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement. In 2022 Watt & Well undertook a Carbon Footprint Assessment conducted by the independent company Greenly to serve as a reference. Actions already underway include:
      • Installation of solar panels on the roofs of our factory (which offset the factory’s electricity needs)
      • Freight optimization to reduce our carbon footprint
      • Product repairability (over 95%)


  • Gender Equality

    Power electronics is a statistically “male” sector, a trend observed from school benches to professional forums. Our goal is to reverse this bias and actively promote gender equality within Watt & Well, for reasons of both equity and performance. The measure is based on a high professional equality index and increasing the integration of women in leadership positions (nearly 45% today).

  • Employee Safety

    Watt & Well is aware of the main risks associated with its activities and aims to continuously improve the safety of its employees. Actions include:

    • Prevention
    • Employee training
    • Process security
    • Value Sharing

      The company’s value is created by all its employees. Therefore, we involve all our employees in this value creation through mechanisms such as profit-sharing and risk-free access to capital through BSPCE and OSA schemes. 98% of permanent employees have benefited from this scheme. It should be noted that the acquisition of 25% of these shares is conditional on achieving our CSR objectives, to involve all employees in the company.

    * BSPCE = Bons de souscription de parts de créateur d’entreprises – a category of stock options created to encourage employees and executives of startups to invest in the company’s capital. They entitle the beneficiary to purchase company shares at a price set at the time of their award for a specified period.

    Quality Assurance and Compliance

    Commitment to quality and compliance

    At Watt & Well, we are committed to meet and exceed industry standards to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers. We achieve this through rigorous quality management systems and a dedication to compliance with all applicable regulations.

    Our certifications

    • ISO9001:2015: This internationally recognized standard signifies our commitment to quality management and continuous improvement. It demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory standards.

    download the AFNOR CERTIFICATION

    • EN 9100 Quality management systems for aerospace production:   This certification builds upon ISO 9001 and adds over 400 additional requirements specific to the aeronautic sector (EN 91000 for Europe, AS 9100 for America, JISQ 9100 for Japan). Achieving EN/AS/JISQ 9100 certification demonstrates our commitment to the highest levels of quality and safety in this critical industry.

     Download the EN/AS/JISQ 9100 CERTIFICATE

    Partnering for a safety and compliance

    Our products are compliant with national and international standards such as IEC, UL, ISO as well as industry-specific standards and customers’ own requirements. Please refer to the datasheet of each product to know what standards are tested or contact us 

    Further demonstrating our commitment to innovation and industry advancement, Watt & Well is an active member of the IEC TC 69 / AFNOR UF 69 committee for Standardization since June 2020. 

    We contribute to drafting international standards for EV charging, interoperability, safety, and performance. We ensure that our products align with industry best practices of today and tomorrow.