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Our Company

Our mission & vision.

Our mission : to be the tier 1 reference supplier for power electronics equipment in Europe and North America by providing cutting-edge solutions and unmatched expertise.

At Watt & Well, we are convinced that power electronics are a key factor of progress for the environment as well as the economy.

We support designers of technological systems facing the most demanding constraints and develop solutions combining the know-how of new technology with the reliability of the product in severe environments (high temperature, vibrations, EMC, cosmic radiation, pressure).

Our cross-market experience sets us as a reference in the world of power electronics and power conversion. We’re trusted by world-leading R&D centers.


Since its creation in 2008, my ambition for Watt & Well is to be a pioneer of innovation. Our mission is to lead in the field of power electronics technologies. Equipping the leaders in the automotive, aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors is an accomplishment that reminds us how a high-tech French SME (small/medium enterprise) can contribute to great projects.

Benoit Schmitt, Founder and CEO of Watt & Well

Our story.

15 years of technical expertise and technology.






Industrialization & production


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North America manufacturing

Our values.

Our team

Discover the members of our executive committee.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Benoît has over 25 years of operational and strategic experience in power electronics applied to high tech markets worldwide. He has founded Watt & Well in 2008. Benoît received his MS in System Engineering from the Ecole Centrale (CentraleSupélec) in Paris. His ambition is to convert power into confidence for all his worldwide customers seeking reliable power electronics equipment for their system.
Chief Technical Officier and Co-Founder
Co-founder of Watt & Well and CTO, Raul cumulated over 15 years of experience as an electrical engineer in a multinational firm and leadership positions. He received his MS in System Engineering from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Centrale Supélec) in Paris, France. He also holds a degree in industrial electronics and automation engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
Chief Financial Officer
Chloé joined Watt&Well in June 2022, a key moment for the company as we grow our organization. Previously Head of Accounting and Consolidation at Pellenc and Group Senior Manager, Financial Auditor at Mazars, Chloé has over 13 years of experience. She loves the variety of her role which enables her to interact with people from across the company. Her ambition is to see the company accelerate growth and shift to the next level – as a leading example for French Tech!
Eugénie SAMOUR
HR Director
Eugénie joined Watt & Well in January 2023, tasked with creating our human resources department at a key moment of our transformation. The challenge is to attract, recruit and retain key professionals to accompany our growth objectives while maintaining Watt & Well’s culture and commitment to a very high level of standards, where employees are both passionate about their work and dedicated to delivering great service to customers.
Chief Executive Officer Watt & Well USA Ltd
Alain received his MS in Power Electronics from the École nationale supérieure de l’électronique et de ses applications (ENSEA). Previously chief technical officer at Watt & Well, Mr. Rouault has been promoted to chief executive officer of the USA subsidiary. His many years of experience in engineering and management give him all the assets necessary for the prosperity of Watt & Well USA, Inc.
Industrial Director
With over 20 years’ experience of industrial management, logistics, procurement, and operations, Valérie joined Watt & Well in February 2023 to develop the industrial expansion of our production sites in France and in the USA and manage relations with all our subcontractors. Her industry insight, technical skills, and organizational methodology support the team to enhance the profitability of our operations.
e-Mobility Business Unit Director
e-Mobility Business Unit Director, passionate about electronics and digital control, Maël received his engineering degree from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Centrale Supélec). He is strong of more than 10 years experience designing state-of-the-art power converters and advanced control solutions. Thanks to his leadership mindset and wide knowledge in various technical subjects, he leads Watt & Well efforts on our thriving EV charger business.
Clémence CAVAYÉ
Space Business Unit Director
Clémence joined Watt & Well in 2020 in charge of testing and validating our space equipment. Her energy, expertise and project management skills meant that she was soon appointed Head of Space Equipment in 2022, before being appointed Director of the Space Business Unit in January 2023. Having previously worked as a development engineer for Thales communications & security, Clémence is a graduate of Centrale Supéléc and holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rennes.
Pascal IDOUX
Energy Business Unit Director
With a MS in Power Electronics and Mechatronics from ESME, Pascal joined Watt & Well as a student intern in 2012 working on high voltage DC/DC power converters for downhole applications. As Director of the Energy Business Unit, he’s applying his ingenuity, experience, and team leadership skills to develop new electronic solutions for the Energy market, including hydrogen energy storage, geothermal energy, and wave energy converters.
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