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Certificate EN 9100 Power electronics

EN9100 / AS9100 / JISQ9100 Certification


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Watt & Well, the power electronics equipment supplier, is now certified EN/AS/JISQ 9100:2017. A three-year preparation process, across all sites and functions, to step change quality management for customers in the Aviation, Space and Defense (ASD) sectors.

Aerospace high-end requirements

Watt & Well is already certified ISO 9001:2015, now being certified EN9100 means that the company is compliant with over 400 requirements, including:

  • Project management
  • Risk analysis
  • Configuration management
  • Consideration of special requirements and critical elements
  • Special processes
  • Greater attention to verification and validation of the design
  • Greater surveillance of the products during their production
  • Mastery of tools, computer programs, and production means

Watt & Well is now complying with all those requirements while providing products that represent a cost and performance step change to the aerospace industry.

Delivering excellence to aerospace customers

The employees were pleased to get involved in the process as all are concerned about delivering best-in-class performance to our aerospace customers but also to our emobility and oil and gas customers.

"This is an important step," said Nicolas Pacault, Aerospace BU Director, while insisting that "this is just the beginning". Much more is to come, as the Aerospace BU is growing fast and holds on ambitious prospects in terms of Space programs.


An international Aerospace certification

The EN9100:2017 certification was delivered by the third party, AFNOR. An authenticated auditor that confirmed Watt & Well successfully completed the international aerospace quality requirements. As a result, Watt & Well is also a member of the OASIS (online aerospace supplier information system).  An online database of aerospace suppliers who are certified under the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) rules to be in compliance with 9100 standards series:

  • AS 9100 : America
  • EN 9100 : Europe
  • JISQ 9100 : Asia

Watt & Well connects businesses with excellence by converting power into confidence in high-end markets (aerospace, oil and gas, emobility).