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Covid Outbreak Watt & Well management Plan

COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation developing quickly across the world, at Watt & Well we have decided to respond to the outbreak in the most transparent and effective way possible for a proper business continuity approach keeping our employees and other stakeholders safe and secure.

Safety as utmost importance

Watt & Well views Covid-19 as a clarion call to step up and demonstrate its values.  As the situation continues to evolve rapidly according to CDC and WHO reports [1], our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and community, including our customers, partners, and prospects.

Our CEO has set up a crisis management team who has been working tirelessly with admirable dedication to make sure that Watt & Well continues to fulfill its mission. So, this is with composure, adaptability and a sense of innovation that we expect, and are prepared, to iterate on our approach constantly to make certain the health and safety of our employees is whole.

Watt & Well closely monitors the situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the legal instructions advised by the French and the United States of America governments. This will allow us to update as often as necessary our employees to keep up the best practices. It will also help us guarantee the smooth running of the company, despite those exceptional disruptive circumstances.

Implementing best practices and Knowledge Management

Prior to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, Watt & Well implemented Knowledge Management (KM) tools and best practices guidelines to cope with these existing and new challenges ahead. In addition, Watt & Well informed employees on how to reduce teammates' risk of exposure. For proper business continuity, we are taking additional steps to:

  • Reduce exposure: remote work until further notice, staggered work schedules
  • Provide the necessary tools for our employees: loan of computer equipment for employees working remotely, switching direct lines to smartphones
  • Provide resources to ensure information access: storage of documents and information on local area networks, VPN, intranet, secured usage of cloud, instant messaging
  • Organize virtual meetings to follow-up on actions/tickets with team project members
  • Promote engagement: suggest flexible options, facilitate interaction with managers on work and individual matters
  • Raise awareness:  up-to-date communications to show we are prepared to several contingency scenarios

The ordeal that we are currently experiencing reminds us that at Watt & Well we are dedicated to supporting our customers and community thanks to our passion for technology and optimism for the future. So, we will keep resilient through the shake-ups as we are committed to convert power into confidence.

For further discussion about Watt & Well coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak management plan, please do not hesitate to contact us:

[1] Center for Disease Control and Prevention (, World Health Organization (