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Norway is leading the way for EV mobility! Join Watt&Well at EVS35 in Oslo and discover our charging infrastructure solutions

With the largest concentration of EVs in the world, Norway is leading the way for EV mobility. In 2021, 65% of the country’s new car sales were fully electric, while plug-in hybrids made up a further 24% of sales! What will the future of electric mobility look like? What are the biggest challenges to overcome? These and other questions will be addressed during EVS35, the largest International Electric Vehicle symposium and exhibition, to be held in Oslo, Norway from June 11-15, 2022.

What lessons can we learn, what challenges can we overcome by leveraging the Norwegian experience?

Electric vehicles now make up nearly half the market in Norway. But this didn’t happen overnight, comprehensive government incentives dating back to the 1990s, mean that the cost of EV ownership is now lower than that of traditional ICE vehicles, making them widely accessible across the population. This is what makes Norway the e-mobility testbed for the rest of the world.



So what lessons can we learn, what challenges can we overcome by leveraging the Norwegian experience? There are two key areas of focus; the first is to improve the charging experience and infrastructure for customers. The second is to ensure the stability of the grid as electricity demand increases and renewables make up a greater share of the electricity supply.

Why is EV charging still a headache?

IoT, EVs and smart charging should create an outstanding user experience, but the reality is often very different. We all have in mind images of long queues in popular holiday destinations as drivers wait for hours to charge their vehicles; of poorly maintained charging stations where half the charge points are out of service; of competing charging networks each with different pricing mechanisms and payment facilities. Key to developing a widespread fast-charging infrastructure is the interoperability of the chargers.

We provide a one-stop-shop solution with full EV interface and improved communication features to speed up time to market.

Watt & Well offers innovative power units which are highly modular, efficient and easy-to-integrate. Our MPU-R3 25 kW modular power unit is compatible with smart charging (V1G) and can dynamically apply limitations on its grid current consumption. The most reliable MPU on the market, it offers all the resources required to speed up fast charger integration and guarantee the interoperability of the charge point whatever the EV model. Our electric vehicle interface (EVI) is a dual standard Supply Equipment Communication Controller (SECC) designed for smart grid applications. With an experienced team and first-class facilities to design, test and manufacture these highly technological products in France, and the potential to scale-up internationally, we offer our clients the possibility to co-design solutions, to improve user experience and CPO profitability. We provide a one-stop-shop solution with full EV interface and improved communication features to speed up time to market.

How do we ensure and strengthen grid stability? 

More renewable energy is essential to cut emissions and reach net zero targets. At the same time, the electrification of transportation will increase demand on our electricity systems. So how do we strengthen the grid to take full advantage of this low cost but variable energy source and meet the growing electricity demand? Vehicle to grid (V2G) could be part of the solution.

In Norway, the total EV battery capacity is approximately 30 GWh, or 10% of the country's daily electric consumption. Innovative bidirectional charging means we can take advantage of this by enabling companies, condominiums, public entities like grid operators and even households to use this EV capacity as storage. Norway’s new grid rent model tariffs aim to reduce peak loads and distribute energy consumption more evenly throughout the day by promoting smart charging and progressively, as bidirectional charging technology develops, allow customers to sell stored energy back to the grid.

Watt & Well is a pioneer in V2G technology, as demonstrated for the first real-scale experiments with Groupe RENAULT in Europe (Utrecht and Porto Santo in 2019). Our bidirectional BMPU-R2 is a highly innovative power unit for the V2G, V2H, V2B markets which offers an optimal architecture and digital processing to provide the widest range of energy services. It has been awarded a “Seal of Excellence” by the European Council with 4 patent filings under the IPA4SME program. With a strong network across the V2G value chain, we propose unique engineering services to boost our customers’ EV expansion.

To find out more about our V1G and V2G power modules and our range of offers for electric mobility, then come by our stand at the EVS35, under the French Pavilion in Hall C. You'll have the opportunity to talk with Raul Iglesias, our CTO, Mael Guilbaud, our e-mobility BU Director and Romain BeaumeBenjamin Lasne-Laverne, our e-mobility business development managers, to find out more about our products and enjoy a cup of conference special coffee! We look forward to seeing you.