Converting Power Into Confidence

Back to Oslo [in 5 points]
#EVS35 brought together participants from across the EV ecosystem. It was the occasion to witness the advances Norway has made to promote EV adoption, and consider the lessons learned from this “living lab” for technology and service providers. Here are some of the key findings from the team at Watt & Well:

💥 There has been an explosion in the number of EV charging providers. Who will be the winners is the question everyone is asking? But demand is surging, there is a huge need for investment to install more fast chargers driven by the transition to e-mobility. Standardization will be key to ensure interoperability and deliver better user experience.

🚚 Charging is getting bigger and faster. The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.) inaugurated the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for heavy duty transportation, paving the way for a worldwide standard.

💡 Automatic charging systems were also on show. The Selfplug® developed by French startup gulplug offers one of the most innovative hands-free charging systems for EVs, with potential for bidirectional charging by 2025.

💪 Ensuring grid stability was an important theme of the conference and we see bidirectional V2G and V2H storage solutions developing in Europe, most notably in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

👏 And finally, thanks to the organizers, to La French Fab, to Trialog and all our partners on the French pavilion, supporting technology, innovation, and partnerships to deliver integrated solutions, made in Europe.