Converting Power Into Confidence

At the Guyana Space Center, preparations for the inaugural launch of #Ariane6, are entering the final phase as the first central core for the combined tests is successfully transferred to its launch pad!
The central core is composed of two cryogenic stages; the main lower stage was integrated in Les Mureaux, France, and the upper stage in Bremen, Germany, before being shipped to Guyana for final assembly.

Mounted horizontally in the assembly building, the upper and lower stages of the launcher were mechanically and electrically integrated to form the central core. This was then transferred to the launch pad, 800 meters away, at a speed of 3 km/h. Using a mobile gantry the central core was lifted into a vertical position and connected to its launch pad, into the four solid propellant boosters, to create an Ariane 64 configuration.

This was a critical step for the combined launch vehicle tests, carried out under the responsibility of the European Space Agency (European Space Agency - ESA) and accomplished by an integrated ESA-ArianeGroup-CNES team.

The next step is the installation of the upper composite (payload and fairing) on top of the launcher.
Ariane 6 is an ESA program designed to extend guaranteed access to space for Europe and will be capable of carrying out all types of missions to all orbits.

Watt & Well, as a power electronics equipment provider to #ArianeGroup is a proud supporter of the ESA Ariane 6 program.