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Watt & Well joins CharIn Global
Apr 30, 2024
Watt & Well becomes a member of the CharIN e.V. organization, dedicated to promote international standards for EV charging systems.


As an innovator in power electronics equipment, we’re excited to join the CharIN global organization to promote combined charging systems (CCS) for all types of EV and participate in cross-industry testing initiatives. The goal of CCS is to create an environment where vehicles, chargers, and software systems work together to make the user experience reliable, easy, and smooth.

CharIN (Charging Interface Initiative EV) brings together over 300 cross-industry stakeholders to work towards interoperable charging for electric vehicles. The community is comprised of multiple experts and leading companies representing every link in the e-mobility value chain to define requirements for the evolution of CCS related standards and the certification of CCS based products.

With our expertise in modular power units (MPU-R2) for fast charging, bi-directional charging (BMPU-R2) for Vehicle to Grid (V2G) functionality, and supply equipment communication controllers (SECC), we will participate in CharIN’s international expert groups which focus on the Charging Infrastructure and Connection, Charging Communication, Grid Integration and Energy, and Conformance Testing.

We’re looking forward to joining the CharIN Testivals and conferences to promote harmonization of charging standards!