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Tier one OEM for oil & gas and renewable energy systems.


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Shaping the future of power electronics developing hot redundant systems with fault-tolerant power topologies, radiation-tolerant control architecture.

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Improving efficiency in EMobility thanks to deep experience in EV, hybrid electric vehicles and those using hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Converting Power Into Confidence

Watt & Well converts power into confidence since 2008.

As a power electronics equipment provider, Watt & Well goal is to deliver the perfect product both in performance and quality. The team of engineers brings your ideas further while the production capabilities bring them to life.


Watt & Well develops solutions combining the know-how of new technology with the reliability of the product in severe environments (high temperature, vibrations, EMC, cosmic radiation, pressure).

Our cross-market experience sets us as a reference in the world of power electronics and power conversion. World-leading R&D centers trust us, namely ArianeGroupe, Groupe Renault, Analog Devices, and many more pioneers.


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