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Multi-disciplinary expertise

We are technical experts, engineers, and pioneers in each sector that we operate. Indeed, we have the audacity to dedicate more than 30% of our revenues to R&D, which allows us to succeed in highly competitive landscapes.

We hire a significant proportion of PhD to push the limits of R&D within our scope of research. This expertise is strengthened through cooperation with top-tier universities in their domains, external contractors and experts.

Our R&D efforts are widely recognized by the French and European governments through multiple funding awards for projects such as I-NOV, I-DEMO, France2030, Shift2DC or Archimedes for instance.

Building high-performance power electronics equipment requires multi-disciplinary expertise such as:

  • Power electronics (components modeling, power topology and architecture, wide bandgap components)
  • Magnetics design (for instance for high-frequency transformers), prototyping and manufacturing.
  • Analog electronics (for instance for high dynamics current measurements
  • EMC (to meet the EC and UL marking)
  • Digital Electronics (as digital processing brings flexibility and performance)
  • FPGA and DSP C code
  • Control engineering and modeling (to ensure stability and dynamics of the control loops)
  • Thermal management (to ensure the perfect cooling of the power components)
  • Mechanical Integration
  • PCB layout to guarantee low noise operation, with high frequency and high voltage and current signals
  • Industrialization and testability to ensure quality from prototyping up to high volume (1 to 10 000s) (DFM, DFT, …)
  • Qualification process (HALT and continuous improvement)

Watt & Well gathers all these expertise internally through its team of 50 engineers and PhD, to master the complete design, making our equipment easy and efficient to maintain, customize and optimize for our customers.

Through our co-design with Groupe RENAULT, Watt & Well has developed a large experience in Matlab Simulink simulation and Code generation processes, to accelerate time to market and provide superior performance of our firmware embedded in the equipment. This functionality is widely used across all our business units and is considered to be a key differentiator for our customers to speed up their integration process and guarantee the validation of the design.

    They trust us
    • I participated to a research project conducted by Watt&Well and my academic institution in the topic of Fault-Tolerant and Sensorless control of AC drives applied to aerospace application. It was a successful collaboration from both scientific, technical and human point of view.
      Lahoucine ID-KHAJINE
      Professor, SATIE lab, CY Cergy-Paris University
    • Watt&Well participates in the training of our engineering students at CentraleSupélec by proposing a project on the design of chargers for electric vehicles. It is a great opportunity for them to apply their theoretical skills to a problem provided by a major company in this field. Watt&Well’s involvement also fosters a passion for electrical energy conversion among our students, which is essential if we are to meet the challenges of energy transition in the 21st century.
      Adrien Voldoire
      Associate Professor – CentraleSupélec
    • I came to know W&W through a research project on Fault Tolerant electric drives with their aerospace and defense BU. I was impressed by the knowledge, vision, and effectiveness of W&W’s engineers and management in innovative work at the frontline of high technology. Their adaptability and multi-disciplinary skills have enabled them to achieve a very advanced level of product development in a short time from scratch.
      Babak Nahid-MobarakehBabak
      Professor at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.